Demo review from Hex Records!

So here is a brief, yet really fucking cool review of our demo from Ryan Canavan @ Hex Records. Check out the label, listen to the bands, buy their music!

As simple as it may be to lump any instrumental band that plays rather long songs and has an affinity for metal into the NeurIsis glut of bands (that has seemingly dropped off- thankfully- since Isis called it a day). but the debut from Syracuse’s Time Under Earth is not so easy to classify into those simple parameters. They do share similar qualities- heavy and well thought-out long songs, various samples and limited- yet tasteful- use of synths. But they definitely have their own thing going on. Maybe it’s in the way this was recorded, which aims more for an analog kind of warmth, and not some over-processed musical clubbing to the skull. Also, various subgenres creep in and out, almost unnoticed, as they weave themselves into the songs. I like that they are a heavy band, but make it all sound even and not over-the-top in any way. Metalheads can enjoy, middle-of-the-road rock fans can rejoice, prog fans can take notes and analyze. Of the three songs, though, I like the third one best because, well, it is the heaviest of them all.


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